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Employee training plays a crucial role in any workplace environment. When a new hire starts, or a new initiative requires employees to learn something new it is important that the training programs through your learning management system are simple to take and can achieve a high completion rate.

With the Groundwork1's simple LMS you can automate your corporate training materials into an easy to follow process. Allow employees to complete their training on their own time from their own email inbox, like they might read an email newsletter.

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Employee training

Groundwork1 is a simple and flexible learning management system that is quick to implement and easy for employees to complete required training programs

You can enroll new employees in the Groundwork1 learning management system and let them read the materials in their own email inbox (mobile or desktop!) Lessons can come with images/diagrams, videos, quizzes, file downloads, and other types of training content that would be required for your corporate training programs.

Groundwork1 is a simple learning management system that allows you to build courses with your existing learning materials and deliver them seamlessly to trainees. With Groundwork1 you don't have to nag staff to finish their assigned courses, just let the system follow up on incomplete training. You can track employee training progress and see who has finished their assigned coursework.

This simple learning management system allows employers to get their training courses off the ground quickly and achieve higher completion rates by creating engaging learning programs.

Just what you need

The Best Simple LMS For Your Organization

New employee training

Give new hires important information to set them up for success at their new position from day one.

Tech or Systems Training

Change in technology is constant and always speeding up, keep your team up to date with the latest developments.

Employee Onboarding Checklists

There will be required tasks to get started, give them the list and track their progress.

HR Policies and Procedures Training

It is important that employees know their rights and responsibilities as a part of your organization.

Role-specific Training

Role-based training provides employees with tools and resources they need to do their job and perform it well.

Systems or Technology training

Change in technology is constant and always speeding up, keep your team up to date with the latest developments.

Other Helpful LMS Features

Video Built In

Upload videos for cross-platform play without ads or distracting "related videos". Or embed from YouTube or Vimeo.

Straightforward Quizzes

Test employees to check their understanding and comprehension of the course materials.

Digital Signatures

Have team members indicate they understand and agree by checking a box or completing a digital e-signature.

Secure Downloads

Upload documents knowing they are securely stored, and you know if you team has downloaded them.

Action Buttons

Use action buttons like a to do list asking employees to confirm an action they have taken outside the system.

Text & Images

Explain training content with headlines, rich text and images to guide your learners through the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What LMS is the easiest?

Many learning management systems can be very complicated and take months to implement. An easy LMS sets itself apart by removing extra functionality and focusing on what is important. Groundwork1 is a user friendly learning platform that you should try out if you are in the market.

  • Easy to Implement: It can be implemented by one person without the need for complex integrations or a lot of system configuration.
  • Easy to Create Course Content Take your existing learning content and use the drag and drop course creator to upload and organize your lesson content.
  • Easy to Take Courses Groundwork1 sends lesson content directly to a trainee's email inbox. They can click video and other links and start their lesson without having to login or search to find the correct training.

Having an easy LMS helps you get your training out there as soon as possible and by making the training more simple it can help to increase completion rates for your trainees.

What makes a LMS easy to use?

When evaluating learning management systems you should primarily be concerned with two aspects of how easy a LMS is to use:

The first aspect is how easy is it for you as the training manager to create your training content within the learning management system? Obviously you want it to be as easy as possible and have useful tools as you put together and organize your learning materials, but you can put up with a little bit of frustration as long as it works.

The second and more important aspect is how easy is it for your employees to take the training and complete it? You want this step to be as easy as possible, because employees are busy and if there is any friction along the way they will get frustrated and give up. The easier the training is to take, the more likely you will have a good completion rate.

What is a Saas LMS?

SaaS stands for "Software as a Service", this means that you are renting the software and you did not purchase it outright. It also tends to mean you don't have to install the software and keep it up to date because it is installed and maintained on a server that is owned by the vendor of the software rather than your own organization.

LMS stands for "Learning Management System". This is a type of educational software that allows you to create courses and lessons comprised of videos, documents, quizzes, and other materials for teaching someone a new skill or an important topic. You can learn a lot more in our article that talks more about what a SaaS LMS is.

How can I create a simple employee training program?

One option is to deliver training material through email with a training app like Groundwork1. This will allow employees to read and watch the training quickly and easily but still allow you as the training manager to view their progress and course completion. You will need to provide the training material and upload them into the course creation software.

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Whether you are deciding if this is the right solution for you or ready to send out your first employee training emails, our goal is to help simplify your team's training. Contact us today for a demo or sign up to try it out.