Switchback Interactive

Switchback Interactive is a digital product studio that builds beautiful software tools for companies of all sizes. We concept, design and develop these from the ground up while talking to customers, listening to feedback, and making truly useful products that save our customers time and money and capture demand within their market.

Our suite of products includes Signature.email, an email signature generator, Simple Estimate a tool for creating project cost estimates, Tally Count an online click counter, and Invite.social a classy free online event rsvp website.

We started Groundwork after going through several trainings ourselves and realizing that using a typical learning management system was often overkill when you just wanted to ensure that a group of people had watched a few videos or had read over some material. Employees are busy and even just small points of friction like logging in, searching for the correct course, and completing it can seem daunting at times. Or sometimes companies just send out an email and say "please watch this", but they have no way to make sure that the training is actually completed. Email is still the primary way we communicate professionally and there are still many opportunities for digital products to capitalize on its universality.

We would love to hear your questions, suggestions and feedback about how the app could be improved.