Hi, my name is Jesse

I have been an entrepreneur my whole life. It started as a kid selling hand-made greeting cards to my family. In Junior High I bought collectible cards in bulk and re-sold them to my friends. Then I learned how to make websites, and it's been pretty much a long chain of building products ever since then.

I worked at a wonderful ad agency in Minneapolis for 8 years and enjoyed the people and work there. I learned a lot. But after my first daughter was born I needed some more flexibility in my schedule and started freelancing full time doing web design and development. Gradually I've started making more complex web applications for my clients.

I started Groundwork after going through several trainings myself and realizing that many of them either were too complex, or too simple. The ones that were too complex required logging in and finding the right lesson and learning a new tool. The ones that were too simple weren't trackable, so no one actually knew if the training was being completed at all. Email is still the primary way we communicate professionally and I think there are still many opportunities for products to capitalize on its universality. I started working on the tool in April of 2021 and have been slowing growing it since then.

I would love to answer your questions, your suggestions and feedback about how the app could be improved.

Thanks for supporting me and solo founders everywhere,
Jesse Sutherland